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Home Design

Embarking on a home design project can be fun and exciting. Most homeowners enjoy having the control over the final design of their home. Some of the most breathtaking homes start with a small piece of inspiration that evolves into a complete house.

For many new or aspiring homeowners, the home design process is usually undertaken as a do-it-yourself project. Anyone who is thinking about designing their dream home from scratch we say “Go For It!” And for those that want to have a hands-on approach to home design but don’t know where to start we are here to help along the way.

House Plans: The First Step in a Home Design Journey

Every home construction project starts with a set of house plans. Some plans start life on the back of a napkin when inspiration strikes and others are bought premade from online house plan sites. A homeowners ultimate design goals will determine the type of plans needed to complete the final construction project on time and under budget.

Buying stock house plans can be an easy and cost-effective way to design a new home. However, there are many factors that homeowners need to consider before purchasing their own set of house plans. For example, any modifications to the plans will cost extra, as well as permit fees and some states require residential construction documents to be stamped by a licensed Architect.

Stay tuned for more information on how to find and purchase the perfect set of house plans!

Kitchen Design: Designing the Perfect Kitchen

There are only a few design principles to follow when outlining the perfect kitchen design but there are hundreds of variations available. While there may be a never ending stream of kitchen photos available online, the step-by-step guides seem to be missing.

In our kitchen design guides we cover the basics of layouts and design fundamentals as well as more detailed tutorials on materials, appliances and hiring the right contractor for the job.

Considering that the kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in the house to design and build we take great care in recommending the most cost effective solutions to deliver the best return on investment when selling down the road.

Start here: The Ultimate Kitchen Design Guide

Bathroom Design: Big Design Challenges in Small Spaces

A well designed bathroom can dramatically improve the value of a home. It is no surprise that bathrooms are one of the most common design projects homeowners take on. From floor tile selection to picking showers and tubs there are many choices a homeowner will need to face during the bathroom design process.

Whether it be a new home design or small remodeling project bathroom design requires creativity and a careful attention to detail. Unlike other rooms in a house, the bathroom typically must be designed to fit in a small space without sacrificing functionality.

Remodeling: Rethinking Home Design Decisions

The truth is that home design is a continuous project and it never officially ends. For many homeowners remodeling is often the most inexpensive way to build the home of their dreams. Usually it only takes a few minor design changes to turn a mediocre house into a dream home.

When it comes to remodeling the home design process is extremely important. Often there are more design constraints when working within an older house as compared to new construction. Some remodeling projects can be as simple as replacing flooring or light fixtures, where others are more involved when adding rooms or even demolishing parts of the house completely.

A remodeling project will require careful planning to minimize construction costs and speed up the process. Without having a solid understanding of home design principles a small remodeling project can turn into an expensive disaster! Consider reviewing our upcoming guides on kitchen remodeling or even our new bathroom remodeling guide.

Hiring a Contractor: Turning a Design Dream into a Reality

Even though most home design projects can be completed with some do-it-yourself enthusiasm, it is inevitable that most homeowners eventually need to hire a contractor for those large construction projects. Unfortunately the home design world is littered with sad stories of how unsuspecting homeowners spent all of their savings on a remodel project only to get less than stellar work or even worse an unfinished house.

Before picking a contractor out of the yellow pages or from the first choice in the search engines homeowners need to prepare themselves with some basic information. To make this process easier we put together the Essential Contractor Hiring Guide. Inside is a contractor interview checklist, a contract review worksheet and our change order workbook.Prepared with these basic items even the most novice homeowners can save potentially thousands of dollars in construction costs.

Home Design: Starting a New Home Improvement Project

The initial excitement of starting a home design project can often overshadow the hard work and attention to detail needed throughout the entire process. Our guides are designed to make dealing with design and construction problems easy and even fun.

Follow along as we show both novice and expert home designers how to build their dream house from start to finish and beyond!

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